Turn any device into a dev desktop environment

Experience the future of inclusive & accessible education with our Software Engineering cloud platform. Designed for seamless multitasking and collaboration, it ensures efficient workflow from any device - be it a powerful computer or an older smartphone


This is DevStacks

DevStacks provides a self-configuring, full-fledged development environment equipped with standard tooling such as IDEs, terminals, and file managers. Our unique cloud-based desktop interface allows users to multitask and collaborate efficiently from any device, be it a high-end computer or an older mobile device.

App screenshot
Cloud-Based Desktop Interface.
A seamless, user-friendly desktop that facilitates multitasking and real-time collaboration.
Any device.
Access modern, resource-intensive software on any internet-connected device, even phones! - plug in a monitor, mouse and keyboard and get work done!
We've built in significant functionality in support of education, such as teams, teacher supervision, environment templates and many more.
Inclusive & Accessible.
We enable anyone to learn and work in software development, even if you only own an old device or have a slow internet connection.
Security by Design.
Our whole infrastructure is designed for user privacy and safety in mind - on top of full-stack encryption, we run high-resiliency servers entirely within the EU.
We help reduce e-waste by designing for compatibility on older devices - and our services run on green servers
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About us

Discover DevStacks, a pioneering force in technology education. Our platform, dedicated to equitable and sustainable learning, is revolutionizing software engineering with its unique cloud-based approach.

Our Values

We believe in fostering a more diverse and equitable tech landscape by providing equal opportunities for all to access top-tier education in software engineering. Our platform not only aids in enabling inclusive education but also promotes sustainability through green energy-powered cloud infrastructure.

Our mission

DevStacks is an innovative cloud platform designed to democratize software engineering education. Our mission is to lower the entry barriers to quality tech education, especially for those from underprivileged backgrounds and underrepresented groups.

Where is DevStacks today?

We're currently developing a pilot version to test with universities (to be complete in H2 2024) and we're raising seed funding for MVP development.

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Recognitions & Awards

We are proud to have received recognition for our innovative approach to tech education. Our platform has been awarded for its commitment to sustainability, inclusivity, and quality education.

SKAPA talang 2023 Winner of Gotland's SKAPA Talang 2023 prize
Awarded by Alfred Nobel's Foundation for our commitment to bridging the digital divide and fostering a more inclusive tech landscape.
Företagarna's Young Innovator 2024 One of Företagarna's 103 Young Innovators in 2024
Recognized by Företagarna for our efforts in making tech education more accessible, sustainable and inclusive.
Swedish Tech News Featured in "The Ultimate List of 2024 Swedish tech startups & scaleups"
Recognized by Swedish Tech News for our innovative approach as a next-gen cloud platform for software engineering.

Founding Team

We are a passionate team with a blend of experience in software development and cloud infrastructure. We're dedicated to making a significant impact in the tech education space by continually refining DevStacks to meet the evolving needs of both educators and learners as well as developers.